What Makes Kolkata The City Of Joy?

What Makes Kolkata The City Of Joy? | Featured Image

Here are 7 impeccable reasons that prove Kolkata is correctly called the “City of Joy”

Considered as one of the most cultural, colorful, lively cities of India, Kolkata is any fun-lover’s paradise. Often recognized as the “Cultural Capital of India”, Kolkata has been beautifully nicknamed as the “City of Joy ” owing to its endless resources of happiness. From the congested streets of North to the high-rise residences of South, there isn’t a single place in the city that would not soothe your eyes. While the people of Kolkata are truly the heart of the city, it’s rich heritage, art, culture, monuments and retreats make it even more special. Unlike Mumbai, Kolkata sleeps at night but wakes up to an enchanting glory which cannot be found anywhere else in the country. The beauty of the city is perhaps what people fall for. But what truly makes it the City of Joy? Let us explore.

1. The love of Victoria Memorial
What Makes Kolkata The City Of Joy? | Victoria Memorial
Victoria Memorial | via whatsuplife.in

Established in 1921 in the memory of Queen Victoria, Victoria Memorial is the city’s brand icon. A place where people of different culture and religion put their heads into, Victoria Memorial shares the true love of the city. Surrounded by lush green fields, well-maintained gardens and small architectured ponds, the place is now a museum and Kolkata’s most beloved tourist destination. Enter the premises and witness the glory of the monument adorning a grin on your face.

2. The perks of a boat ride
What Makes Kolkata The City Of Joy? | Boat ride on Ganga
Boat ride near Vidyasagar Setu | via flickr.com

The simplicity of the city lies in its ways of bringing happiness. A boat ride along Ganga is not only enchanting but utmost relieving. The fresh air, the romantic atmosphere all-around would make you fall in love with the city every time you breath-in. The long unparalleled stretch of the river even seems to touch eternity at times. Have you taken your joy-ride yet?

3. The majesty of Howrah Bridge
What Makes Kolkata The City Of Joy? | Howrah Bridge
Howrah Bridge | via kolkata.org.uk

The busiest cantilever bridge in the World, Rabindra Setu or more popularly, Howrah Bridge is the most favored icon of Kolkata. Holding on to daily commute for the past 73 years, one cannot ever deny its beauty, architectural excellence and majesty. The best way to feel its hugeness is by hopping into a boat or ferry from a nearby Ghat and riding beneath it towards Howrah Ferry Ghat. It would surely be a magical experience of your life.

4. The smell of fast food
What Makes Kolkata The City Of Joy? | Chicken Roll
Chicken Roll | via eatdrinkmanwomandogscat.com

The streets of Kolkata are not popular for being tidy but are famous for housing the world’s best fast food stalls. From rolls to noodles to soups to alu parathas to kochuris to chops, there isn’t any dish you would not find in the city’s never-ending menu of mouth-watering items. Not only these heavenly dishes are cheap and economic but they also bring the best possible surge of varied tastes to a food lover. If food cannot bring you joy, what can?

5. The cacophony of College Street
What Makes Kolkata The City Of Joy? | College Street
College Street | via photobucket.com

College Street in Kolkata is perhaps one of the largest book showcases in the world. Consisting of more than 300 book stalls, an ardent book lover can get a copy of even the rarest of all books. A mixture of sounds of traffic, bargains and page-flips, College Street never fails to surprise its visitor. With the Indian Coffee House in its vicinity, the place is a paradise to anyone who loves the smell of books. You can intensify the beauty of your journey by taking a tram ride to the destination. With so many things to do in a single place, where else would you go?

6. The grandeur of Durga Puja
What Makes Kolkata The City Of Joy? | Goddess Durga in making
Goddess Durga in making | via blog.buzzintown.com

Durga Puja is the iconic festival of Kolkata. Although the celebrations take place over a period of 4 days, the pre-puja preparations start from a month or two before the festival. Durga Puja is celebrated with pomp and grandeur in Kolkata and all the city’s inhabitants participate in the happiness. The city is dressed like a new bride and people color up themselves in new clothes and accessories. If anyone wants to experience what Kolkata looks like when it stays awake, Durga Puja is the perfect time. Don’t forget to visit Kumartuli if you are in Kolkata before the festival.

7. The delicacy of desserts
What Makes Kolkata The City Of Joy? | Rasgulla
Rasgulla | via yummytummyaarthi.com

Kolkata has the perfect recipes to boost up your mood and indulge you into ultimate happiness. One of the secret ingredients to such recipes is a Kolkata sweet. The city specializes in desserts like Rasgulla, Mouchak, Mishti Doi, Lobongo Latika, Nolen Gurer Sandesh and innumerous to name. Once you are slowly accustomed into the Bengali way of living, sweets would instantly turn into your tongue-favorite and life would start being boring without it. The real taste of happiness in Kolkata is sweet and sweet.

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