eXabyte 2018 – 7 Events You Cannot Miss On 14th Feb

eXabyte 2018 - 7 events you cannot miss on 14th Feb | Featured Image

Here’s why eXabyte 2018 is an event for the nerds:

It hasn’t been very long since I published my first post on eXabyte 2018, about the 7 exciting events taking place on 13th February at St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata. As you all know, eXabyte 2018, organized by the Department of Computer Science, is a two-day mega technological fest taking place in the Park Street Campus of SXC. Being the third iteration of Xavier’s biggest tech-fest, eXabyte aims at bringing about more fun into the game by introducing new events, this year.

The two-day tech fest has a lot more to offer on the second day and we will be discussing about those events, now.y: If you haven’t yet registered for any of the following intriguing events, register now before it’s too late. After all, eXabyte is any tech-lover’s ultimate dream fest. If you are in Kolkata and still studying in a College or University, don’t forget to take part in eXabyte 2018. Let’s see what this fest has in pocket for 14th of February:


eXabyte 2018 - 7 events you cannot miss on 14th Feb | Codeplay Finals in eXabyte 2017
Codeplay Finals in eXabyte 2017 | via exabyte.sxccal.net

If you participate in CODEPLAY on 13th and manage to clear the Prelims, you’ll be entitled to compete in the Finals just a day later. You see, the heart of a technological fest is competitions like coding and the working committee of eXabyte knows it very well. That’s why their flagship event of Coding and Debugging has been planned and distributed over both the days of the event, to make sure that eXabyte 2018 lives upto its name.


eXabyte 2018 - 7 events you cannot miss on 14th Feb | Brainstorm in eXabyte 2017
Brainstorm in eXabyte 2017 | via exabyte.sxccal.net

One who knows everything, cannot be defeated by anyone. If you believe that you are that ‘one’, why stop yourself from participating in the eXabyte 2018 Quiz event – BRAINSTORM? All you have to do is find a partner, register yourself for the event and arrive at the aforementioned place, half-an-hour before the event. Oh, yes! You also have to bring your thinking cap to come up with a prompt answer as the quiz will revolve around ‘Anything about Everything’. And although that’s the caption of my website, it aptly justifies the theme of Brainstorm.


eXabyte 2018 - 7 events you cannot miss on 14th Feb | Digibit in eXabyte 2017
Digibit in eXabyte 2017 | via exabyte.sxccal.net

Is Digital Electronics your forte? Do bread-boards allure you more than chess-boards? Then DIGIBIT is where you should be in eXabyte 2018. Implement challenging hardware circuits using limited hardware components because that’s the sign of an expert. So, if you think you can make your bare hands do the magic, register now for Digibit! You’ll find a google form on the eXabyte website, under the event details. Fill up the form, rub your hands and come to Xavier’s on 14th.


eXabyte 2018 - 7 events you cannot miss on 14th Feb | Ro-Bolt in eXabyte 2017
Ro-Bolt in eXabyte 2017 | via exabyte.sxccal.net

Robots are not a thing of the past, they are the humans of future. So, when humans can race, why not robots! The only reason I call eXabyte the most innovative tech-fest in Kolkata is because of events like RO-BOLT where you have to bring a custom-made robot and make it participate in a race. Sounds cool? Or does it sound like the film, Big Hero 6? No matter what you make out of it, this robot race in LIT and very REAL. If you have a robot that can participate in this event, pack it up and register for Ro-Bolt. You may register as a team consisting of only you or upto 5 members.


eXabyte 2018 - 7 events you cannot miss on 14th Feb | CryptX in eXabyte 2017
CryptX in eXabyte 2017 | via exabyte.sxccal.net

If you have seen the film, Imitation Game, based on the invention of The Enigma Machine by Alan M. Turing, you know how hard yet interesting is the world of encryption and decryption. It is not only important to crack codes and messages, but also to make sure that a secret remains a secret. CRYPT-X is eXabyte’s own version of a cryptographic challenge where you need to decrypt a series of encrypted messages. Winners will be selected based on who decrypts the most number of messages in the least amount of time. Think you are the Turing of the 21st? Register now!


eXabyte 2018 - 7 events you cannot miss on 14th Feb | Em-Bleed in eXabyte 2017
Em-Bleed in eXabyte 2017 | via exabyte.sxccal.net

Do you know what the arrow below Amazon signifies? It means that on Amazon, you will get everything from A to Z. Logos are, basically, one word definitions of any company’s entire idea. Hence, designing logos is not as simple as you think. The hardest part in designing a logo is not how you perceive it but how the world will. So, if your Photoshop skills are way above average and your mind knows how to play with the emotions of people, EM-BLEED is the competition designed for you. Register now to take part in this intriguing logo designing event!


eXabyte 2018 - 7 events you cannot miss on 14th Feb | Park Street, where the locations of Cyber-Trek has to be discovered
Park Street, where the locations of Cyber-Trek has to be discovered | via commons.wikimedia.org

Love Cryptography but not an in-house man? Do the titles ‘Private Investigator’ and ‘Consulting Detective’ hike up your adrenaline rush? Well, you have come to the right place to hone your skills of investigation. Although there’s no murder to solve, there are a number of cryptic messages which would take you to ‘special’ destinations, in and around Park Street. CYBER TREK, or eXabyte’s cryptic Treasure Hunt event, receives the most number of participants, every year. As you can see, this event isn’t about involving the detectives of the 18th or 19th century, you must have a smartphone with active internet connection to take part in Cyber Trek. And you need to register, too!


That’s all for today. Wish you luck for participating in eXabyte 2018, on both 13th and 14th of February, and hope to see you emerging as the Champion of Champions. Will be returning shortly with something very special. Till then, stay tuned to The Sayan Roy Blog and don’t forget to show your excitement in the form of likes. Flood this post with your valuable comments, and don’t forget to share it with your tech-loving friends (nerds is the word, right?). Happy Participating!

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