eXabyte 2018 – 7 Events You Cannot Miss On 13th Feb

eXabyte 2018 - 7 events you cannot miss on 13th Feb | Featured Image

Here’s why eXabyte 2018 is one of the best tech-fests in Kolkata:

Winter’s gone and you might think that every sort of amusement has come to a halt. But I’m afraid, that’s not the case. It is now the time of college fests all around Kolkata and believe me, some are better than you can ever expect. One such fest is the annual tech-fest organized by the Computer Science Department of St. Xavier’s College, titled eXabyte. With a plethora of events to satisfy every tech-lover, out there in the City of Joy, the eXabyte 2018 is the ultimate technology-based event you can be a part of.

eXabyte 2018 - Tech-fests in Kolkata have never been this good | eXabyte logo
eXabyte 2018 | via exabyte.sxccal.net

Started in 2016 by a group of over-enthusiastic undergraduates, the third iteration of Xavier’s very own tech-fest promises to be even bigger, this time. If you are studying in a college or University and want to be a part of eXabyte 2018, all you need to do is register yourself for the respective event and come on 13th or 14th February (or both) to St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous). Wait, did I tell you about the events? Get ready to have your minds blown:


eXabyte 2018 - 7 events you cannot miss on 13th Feb | Codeplay Prelims in eXabyte 2017
Codeplay Prelims in eXabyte 2017 | via exabyte.sxccal.net

Technically speaking, you can’t organize a technological fest without having a coding event. eXabyte 2018 is no stranger to this and CODEPLAY is their very own version of a computer programming challenge involving the realms of coding and debugging. All you have to do is put on your thinking caps, and outline the perfect code for a problem or debug the errors to make it run. But is it that simple? Register yourself to know more!


eXabyte 2018 - 7 events you cannot miss on 13th Feb | Verb-O-War in eXabyte 2017
Verb-O-War in eXabyte 2017 | via exabyte.sxccal.net

Love studying computer and debate about everything around you, at the same time? Who said that you need to be an English major to participate in debate! Breaking all known norms of tech-fests, eXabyte 2018 has a debate competition to keep you hooked up to a topic you always wanted to speak on. All you need to do is make sure your VERB is right, and the WAR is on. Actually, that’s not enough. You need to register yourself for the event, too!


eXabyte 2018 - 7 events you cannot miss on 13th Feb | Database Manager in eXabyte 2017
Database Manager in eXabyte 2017 | via exabyte.sxccal.net

If database management is your niche and SQL queries are your forte, you are a legit DATABASE MANAGER. But does the world know about your skills? No matter what your answer be, it’s time to show off your talent, again! After all, you would have an entire company to administer, and manage, if you ever open one. Too much of inspirational content in one paragraph? Well, every single event of eXabyte 2018 is that special. Register now to be part of it!


eXabyte 2018 - 7 events you cannot miss on 13th Feb | Software Lab for eXabyte 2018
Software Lab for eXabyte 2018 | via instagram.com/sarthak6996

If you have already visited the eXabyte 2018 official website, you must have seen how good the designing is. Can a department, which takes the design of its website so seriously, organize a tech-fest without a slot for web-designing? Absolutely not! WEBBED is what we are talking about. If you have experience in website designing and also have one of your own, don’t even think of ignoring this event. Do not forget to register because the clock’s ticking!


eXabyte 2018 - 7 events you cannot miss on 13th Feb | Crosshair in eXabyte 2017
Crosshair in eXabyte 2017 | via exabyte.sxccal.net

It is said that gaming enters the blood of anyone who comes in contact with a computer, even once in their life. Then there are hardcore gamers and world champions. eXabyte 2018 provides an almost similar platform to showcase your skills while scoring a goal through counterattack or hitting the gear properly for a perfect shift, or while killing the enemy from a very long distance. If these phrases automatically translated to FIFA, NFS and CS inside your head, it’s high time to register for CROSSHAIR.


eXabyte 2018 has been conducting three online events over the course of 4 weeks for people thinking out of the box. The three events are namely BYTE TALES (micro-fiction), SNAPPIT (photography) and BLOGSPOT (blogging) where participants need to send entries based on themes given for each event. Currently, entries for Week 4 are still being accepted and the submission window will remain open till 11th Feb. midnight. Two winners were selected per event for the last week 3 weeks, and two more will be selected this week for each event. These 8 weekly winners of their respective online event have to report on 13th for the Finals. So, have you participated in the online events, yet? Did I mention that all these three online events are being organized in association with THE SAYAN ROY BLOG!

If these reasons weren’t enough to join eXabyte 2018, there’s another that might blow your mind, if you are a regular tech-YouTuber.


eXabyte 2018 - 7 events you cannot miss on 13th Feb | Hitesh Chaudhary
Hitesh Chaudhary | via youtube.com

Heard about Hitesh Choudhary, the famous YouTuber from Rajasthan who also happens to be the founder of Learn Code Online? He is coming to eXabyte 2018 to host a seminar on the new evolving technologies around us and will be delivering a speech on the same. Isn’t that exciting to see someone, whom you have always watched on the other side of a video, live in front of you? If Hitesh’s CONCLAVE is an unavoidable couple of hours for you, don’t forget to register yourself!


That’s all for today. I’ll be coming back soon with a list of events taking place on 14th that are so very different from the ones I mentioned. Till then overflow this post with your support through likes, comments and shares, and tie your shoelaces for one of the biggest tech-events in Kolkata. Do I need to highlight the name, again? You know it so well! eXabyte 2018.  A place where technology meets innovation through challenge. An inter-college tech-fest where all you can dream is to become the best among the rest. So, are you game?

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