All You Need To Know About Android Oreo

All You Need To Know About Android Oreo | Featured Image

Here’s all you need to know about the latest Android release – Oreo:

Happy Dussehra to all my viewers. I’m proud to announce that The Sayan Roy Blog is close to reach 3500 viewers and 100 subscribers, in no time. This would not have been possible without you all. As I had promised in my last article, I’ve managed to spare some time to drop this post on Android OREO. This is my first complete infographic-based post and the entire subject will be covered in pictures.

Let us have a quick recap on the different versions of Android that Google has developed over the years. Google started naming Android from Cupcake and hence, there are no definite names for Android A and Android B. The following infographic covers the history of Android from Cupcake to Nougat.

All You Need To Know About Android Oreo | What Came Before Oreo?
What Came Before Oreo?

When Android O was announced for the first time, everyone speculated what would O stand for. Eventually it was revealed that Android 8 has been named after the sensation in the world of biscuits – Oreo! There’s another infographic lined-up that will help you have an overview of this latest version of Android, before I start digging deeper into its various features and upgrades.

All You Need To Know About Android Oreo | A Quick Overview Of Android Oreo
A Quick Overview Of Android Oreo

Now that you are aware of what Android 8 or O is, let us discuss the various enhancements offered in Oreo. Android Oreo is a powerhouse of features with improved stability and performance than its predecessor, Nougat. The next infographic summarizes the various aspects of Oreo and why it is the best version of Android so far. If you are in search of a new device, make sure that it has Oreo or will get an Oreo upgrade. Let us see why.

All You Need To Know About Android Oreo | Oreo Review
Oreo Review

And that’s not the end, yet. Do you know how the Android Oreo Easter egg looks like? It’s a floating octopus! Yes, you heard me right. Have a look at it yourself:

All You Need To Know About Android Oreo

Let me know about your thoughts on Android Oreo in the comment section, below. Don’t forget to like and share this post with your friends. I will be coming back soon with a new article, after Diwali. Till then, happy surfing!

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